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An idea from way back, focused on that fantastic movie style with high octane action. Your character, depending on the level, jumped, was thrown out of a window, or was pushed off a high roof, and is now hurtling down to the ground. They have to dodge balconies, flagpoles, washing lines, super ninja spies, or anything else, depending on the setting of the level. On nearing the bottom they have to pull their shoot/trampoline/jetpack at the right time to land with grace instead of a splat. More of a theme than a mechanic, but I think it could be fun.


The Roster Generator

Although roster generators exist, they’re usually pretty garbage-y. I propose a roster generator that can be applicable to all sports. One that uses more than just census data…I want my characters to be precious little snowflakes, with personality traits and preset equipment types that art can be added for later!

I already tried something like this and failed in Excel, mostly because me + formulas = issues. HOWEVER, I’d totally be down to expand it out and make it un-terrible. Success!


AI Cor!$&#RupTED***

A game that plays on the TV/Film trope of an AI gaining sentience through some form of “data corruption”.
The player is tasked with creating a basic AI in game, and as they progress through the game, various elements of the outside world “corrupt” the AI, giving it various quirks, traits, and features. The player must attempt to make the AI complete its objectives while these corruptions become more difficult to maintain. 


Tackle & Eliminate

64x64 yard field, 16 players per team. Each team sets up in a 12x64 yard scoring zone. Before every round, each team must announce their team setup. There are 3 types of positions- Offense, Defensive, and Goalie. There is no maximum amount of offensive or defensive players, but one goalie per team.
Play occurs in turns, which are done by each team simultaneously. These turns last ten seconds each. Each team is permitted to move four players per turn. Defenders may only move two yards in any direction per turn, whereas offensive players can move 4 yards. Attackers are required to make forward motion every move. Goalies can move 8 yards per turn, but are required to stay in the goal region.
Points are scored by getting a player into the opposing start area. Defending players are not permitted to leave their side. When an offensive is tagged by a defensive, he is removed for the duration of that round. 


Each team has three offense on one side of the net, and two defense on the other. The defense on each side stands near the net, and the offense is further back. The goal of the offense is to hit the ball under the net, while defense attempts to prevent this. If the defense gains possession, they can then hit the ball over the net to their team’s offensive line. Only the offense is permitted to hold the ball, defense can only hit the ball.

Decorative Lamp Post Heads

The initial idea was that the housing for lamp posts that hang over the streets could be shaped like a UFO so that the light they shoot down could look like a tractor beam.

Another idea is that the housing could instead look like a dragon so it looks like the light is being blasted from a dragon’s mouth.

-Reginald D Laniger


A site for betting virtual currency on Esports.
Players can create various tournaments, fantasy leagues and more using current Esport leagues.
Players can also bet on notable matches individually.
Inspired by SaltyBet and its recent success. 


Computer Dungeons

A game that generates a 3D world using the files and folders on a computer. These maps are share-able online so a player could potentially play on a famous person generated map. There are monsters and stuff too.

-Winston Powell


Qubicles will be a business simulation in the form of a virtual call center. It will go over every major aspect of the day by day routines of managing a call center, and will make for excellent training for upcoming management. Qubicles could have the option to input live data from an actual call center in order to test scenarios.


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